About Us

About Us

Sewia established 2016.

Sewia Precious Metal Trading in Dubai, a Dubai-based Limited Liability Company, excels in providing valuable precious metals and comprehensive logistics solutions for a diverse global market. We have played a pivotal role in contributing to the flourishing precious minerals sector in Dubai. Operating under an authorized license from the Minerals Commission, we engage in the trade of minerals, including gold, diamonds, and various gemstones.

Our main emphasis is on the procurement, exploration, and sourcing of gold, guided by the overarching objective of delivering significant value to our clients and stakeholders in the trading arena.

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Our Mission

Dubai company has been a gem in precious metals and logistics.

At the core of our ethos lies a dedication to delivering unparalleled trading practices, superior products, and associated services to our valued clients. Our mission is a steadfast commitment to excellence, ensuring that each facet of our operations reflects the highest standards in the industry, and our clients receive nothing but the best in quality and service.

Our Vision

Leading the Gold Sourcing and Trading Contracting Realm

Dedicated to setting new industry standards, our goal is to emerge as the foremost contracting firm in the gold sourcing and trading sector.

We strive for excellence, aiming to redefine the trading landscape through innovation, reliability, and a commitment to unparalleled service in the dynamic world of gold contracting.

Core Values

Guiding Principles of Excellence in Gold Sourcing and Trading Contracting In Dubai


Upholding the highest ethical standards in all our operations, fostering trust and transparency with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Quality Excellence

Striving for excellence in every aspect of our gold sourcing and trading operations, maintaining consistently high-quality standards to deliver superior products and services.


Embracing a culture of continuous improvement, where creativity and forward-thinking drive our ability to adopt cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in the gold sourcing and trading industry.

Customer-Centric Focus

Prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of our clients, aiming to exceed expectations through personalized and responsive service.


Embracing change and staying adaptable in the face of evolving industry trends, economic shifts, and global challenges, ensuring our resilience and long-term success.

Environmental Responsibility

Committing to sustainable and environmentally conscious trading practices, minimizing our ecological footprint, and contributing positively to the communities in which we operate.

Our Team

Meet Our Professional Team

Jhon Marleen

CEO of Influce

Hailee Keinz


Thomas Young


Lisa Damian

Customer Support

Our Offices

Our Offices Are Very Close to You

Tasmania, AUS

59793 Oscar Island, New Tyler, Tasmania 8602

Pennsylvania, USA

171 Kaci Ways, North Mina, Pennsylvania 48780

Quebec, CA

040 Freida Isle, Armstrongfort, Quebec Y1H 3H2

South Wales, AUS

356 Owen Track, Trompshire, South Wales 2988

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Phone: +971 55 559 1976, +971 4 321 1773

Email: info@sewiapreciousmetals.ae, sales@sewiapreciousmetals.ae, sewiapreciousmetals@gmail.com

Branches: Dubai (Exchange Tower, Business Bay), Ghana (GA West, Accra), U.S (New York, Albany)

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