Sewia Mining Ltd has a policy of not charging any fees for gold prospecting or before to getting into any contractual engagement with our clients for the supply of gold. We have no agents, representatives, or assigns other than interacting directly with our offices in Accra, Ghana, via our contact numbers, emails, and address listed on our website. As a result, please be aware that anyone or company claiming to represent Sewia Minig Ltd in any capacity outside of our office details on our website is merely a fraudster or criminal acting without our knowledge, permission, consent, or cooperation.

Please double-check any payment and transaction requests, no matter how modest or tiny, with our offices, contact numbers, emails, and address listed on our website. Be wary of hackers, criminals, fraudsters, and their associates who operate on the internet and cyber highways or networks, including telephones, emails, fax machines, and other electronic devices, using cloned websites and other account information. Sewia Mining Ltd disclaims any and all liability for your failure to heed our warnings.

Sewia Mining Limited is not associated with persons or documents depicted in the images below. Dealing with these persons or any of the documents listed below will be at your own risk.